The Wentcher scholarship

D'ajahnae Croft

The Wentcher Scholarship is awarded to high school seniors based on their character, academic merit, and financial need. Fifty Chicago Public School students were selected to win the $40,000 scholarship. This year, senior Amari Craig was awarded the scholarship.

Craig has worked tremendously hard to keep her academics up to par. Craig has been in the top ten of her class since her freshman year. She also on the PMA staff and works a part-time job. Craig has good character and is dedicated to succeeding. All of these achievements gave her an advantage to being awarded the scholarship.

The people who are awarded as the CPS Wentcher Scholars of 2023 win 10,000/yr. The CPS Scholars attend the Wentcher Scholarship Orientation where we will meet the other scholars, interviewers and the higher ups of the foundation. If Wentcher is not able to give an individual a full amount they still award some money that is set apart from the main scholarship,” said Craig.

The scholarship comes with multiple benefits, not just money. Students get the most out of their time in the Wentcher foundation. Seeing how many Chicago Public School students are low income and/or first generation, it is a good setup for success.

“The scholarship offers opportunities to internships, job shadowing with different professions, and networking to help students continue on the right path,” said Craig.

Along with the support of the Wentcher Foundation, Craig also receives a great deal of support from her family. College is hard to pay for and it leaves some families in shambles. Luckily for Craig, her family doesn’t have to worry about helping her pay off debt years down the road.

“My friends and family are so excited for me because they know that I worked so hard for this. My parents and brother have been my biggest supporters through this process. When I announced that I had won, they were crying tears of joy. They are so proud of me and they want me to take this money and pursue my dream of getting a degree in Bachelors of Science in Nursing. Winning this scholarship has made my parents feel so amazing because I will be able to attend college debt free. It makes me feel great because there is no financial burden on my parents,” said Craig.

Craig will be majoring in Nursing with a minor in Criminal Justice at Luther College, located in Decorah, Iowa. The possibilities are endless for her. Many wish to accomplish something amazing as this.

Continue to grow socially and academically through your school years. Anything you do whether it is going for an interview or job you should always be confident and don’t let pessimistic people bring you down. Stay true to yourself and don’t change for anyone else. A great support system is much needed because without family, friends, and my counselors I know that I wouldn’t be able to achieve as much as I have,” said Craig.

Craig encourages students to stay on track and motivated. Many have wished her congratulations on her big accomplishment.