Full Ride To Elmhurst

D'ajahnae Croft

Having an out of pocket cost of only five thousand dollars is a blessing to most seniors. Imagine not having to pay for anything. Meaning, a full ride scholarship is received. For senior Auri Martinez, this is his amazing reality. On March 27th, 2019, Martinez was awarded The Chicago Scholars Platinum Partnership award. This scholarship covers the cost of tuition for the next four years. On top of that achievement, Martinez also received other college-specific scholarships.


“I received the Dean’s Scholarship of $72,000, American Dream Scholarship of $8,000, and a Stipend that covers the cost of any books and materials all four years. So I’m saving myself so much money!,” said Martinez.


Getting these awards wasn’t easy. Martinez had to go through an interview process as well.


“I had to interview for the stipend and I had to make a two-minute video explaining what it would mean to my family and I, to go to college and graduate,” said Martinez.


Some are fortunate to go to their first choice schools with an affordable amount of money to pay. Fortunately for Martinez, he was one of those students.


“Elmhurst is my first choice and I’m blessed to have had such success with my first choice,” said Martinez.


Getting to this point was not always easy but Martinez kept himself mentally healthy so that his dreams might have a chance. Martinez was also asked what advice he’d give students wanting to get to where he is.


“As hard as things may seem there is always a way to get what you want. There were times where I felt overwhelmed and hopeless but just hoping for the best and getting things done can do so much for you. Your grades matter but you matter more than your grades. Your mental health matters more than anything. So before you chase your dreams make sure you are in a good state of mind to get what you want,” said Martinez.


Mental health in students seems to be depleting as the years go on. Keeping the mind right could just grant the things you want academically.  Martinez wanted to send a message to future PMA seniors to motivate them, expressing how academic excellence won’t always be smooth sailing but it’s possible.