Henry Crown Scholarship Recipient


Keilyn Torres

As the years pass, Phoenix continues to see graduate many cadets with remarkable scholarships. Amongst those cadets this year was Nallely Sanchez who was awarded the Henry Crown scholarship by Junior Achievement consisting of $40 thousand dollars.

Meanwhile senioritis was in the air, students like Sanchez were able to put their social life away for a while in order to secure their future.

Sanchez was one of few students at Phoenix to apply for the Henry Crown scholarship.

“I applied because I didn’t want my parents to pay for my college expenses,” said Sanchez

Sanchez was able to take full advantage of resources provided at Phoenix. Along those resources, iMentor. Sanchez said she received a lot of help from her mentor, Kaitlin Rogers-Perez, to finish the scholarship in a tight time limit. The scholarship requirements consisted of an application and an essay asking why she wanted to pursue a career in business and sociology.

As an awardee, Sanchez was invited to a small ceremony on May 14th where she was able to be participate in a meeting with Junior Achievement and receive recognition alongside 3 other students from the state. Sanchez took her parents along with her to the ceremony where they were able to see where her hard work had gotten her.

“My parents were grateful. My mom even cried..I don’t owe it to anybody but my mom,” said Sanchez

Sanchez dealt with a lot on her plate the month of April, so receiving this scholarship was a great way to start her month.

At Phoenix she also received recognition when SFC Walker called her out to the middle of formation to announce the remarkable scholarship she was awarded.