Truck Vs Car

Luis Gonzalez


So you’re coming down to the decision whether you want a truck or a car. Instead of just picking a car randomly by the appearance you should think about the vehicle’s condition and the type of vehicle that is right for you. Also you have to take into consideration which vehicle can travel in a certain occasions.

“I decided to buy a vehicle my sophomore year after saving up money working with my dad,” Said Senior Jorge Castillo

Disadvantages of cars; Usually cars have a few maintenance problems after a while of owning a car, They don’t drive well in heavy snow and rain, slipping in these conditions are common. Advantages; Cars doesn’t use up that much gas, typically drive faster, are a lot easier to park in tight places and can get you to your location regardless.

“I got a car out of any other vehicle because first it was affordable, I liked the design of the vehicle and I like that it doesn’t waste that much gas,” Said Castillo

Disadvantages of a truck is trucks go through a lot of gas, and are a bit difficult to park if you don’t drive trucks regularly. Advantages of a truck they are more durable, They can drive in almost any weather, Good interior, and can conditionally last long.

“I got a truck because it runs pretty fast for a truck, & because I liked the design it looked like a nice truck,” Said Senior Luciano Alvarez  

Owning a vehicle is honestly a blessing and privilege, and deciding whether you want a car or truck is difficult. Personally I would pick a truck because I feel like it would last me a good amount of time and is a safer vehicle to own over a car.