New Gradebook, New Me

Alexander Valle

When CPS students returned to school from spring break they were confronted by a new login system. It was not the ordinary student portal that we have been accustomed to. There are mixed opinions about the new login system, especially here at Phoenix.

The new grade-book has taken CPS by storm. For senior Kenny Wilkerson it is a new transition that he will have to adjust to. “As of now it is hard to figure out how to use it”, said Wilkerson. This is not only a problem for Wilkerson but for many other cadets too. The first few days many were puzzled on the new gradebook, known as Aspen, because it is a very different system compared to the previous one.

Other cadets think that they could’ve waited to make such a drastic change. “They should’ve waited to change it at the end of the school year”, said Carlos Renteria. It could have been a smoother transition for many students to begin the next school year with a new student portal system. Now students are left alone to figure it out and it can take time to get comfortable with it.

However there are also some positives to the new gradebook like a new way to display grades and attendance. Now it is time for CPS students to adapt to the new gradebook.