West Point Acceptance


Cindy Nunez

Gaining acceptance to one of most competitive academies isn’t easy, but senior Stoykof  Nunez can proudly say he did it. No longer a dream but a reality Nunez has been accepted on direct admission to The United States Military Academy at West Point, one of the hardest academies to get into.

The United States Military Academy, also known as The Point is a four year federal service academy in West Point, New York overlooking the Hudson River. Incredibly hard to get into, it requires more than the average college application.

“Being medically, academically, and physically fit are just some of the requirements every applicant goes through. There are a lot more hoops to jump through than a ‘normal’ college but it is all worth it,” said Nunez

Nunez has worked his way to the top since his freshman year. Being involved in science fair, ranking in the top ten percent of his class, and having a leadership position in school, holding the title of battalion commander has helped him even more so. When he received his acceptance he was overjoyed.

“My sister and I were especially excited as we know the amount of work I put into it as well as the difficulties we faced in our upbringing,” said Nunez

Being accepted to one of the five academies, Nunez has been granted full tuition  and is excited to enroll this upcoming fall.

Currently, I am filling out the necessary paperwork prior to R-Day with the intention of double-majoring in electrical engineering and computer science. After West Point, I will begin my career serving in the United States Army,” said Nunez.

Having gone through multiple obstacles, Nunez has reached his goal of gaining direct admission to the United States Military Academy at West Point. Nunez grateful, and excited is ready to see what the future and the Military have to offer. He will join threee other Phoenix graduates at West Point – Martin Ocampo, Angela White and Zebedee Ducre who currently attend USMA.