A Different Beach for the Summer

Carlos Renteria

Everyone’s plans for summer differ from one another, many go on vacation or enjoy their time at home, but for juniors Edgar Pedroza and Joeliesty Romero it’s different. This summer they have the opportunity to take a trip to France and England to learn more about World War II.

During this trip, I will be flying out to Europe this summer in July. I will be studying the invasion of Normandy, as well as D-Day. I will be visiting the locations in which this event occured during WWII. I will be visiting locations such as Paris, France,” said Romero.

There was a process to getting such an opportunity, Romero had to write a simple essay

“In order to get the opportunity to take this trip over the summer, I had to write a 4-5 page essay on why I would like to go, why the topic of the trip holds significant value to me, and explain some of the events that occured during that time,” said Romero.

Overall, Romero is definitely prepared for this summer, but Pedroza has different expectations for the trip.

“I expect a lot of sightseeing. I’m nervous, because I’ve never been to Europe,” said Pedroza.

They are just two of the 12 who were accepted into the program. The other 10 are from schools around Chicago. The trip will take place July 15th  through July 22nd.

“I believe that this trip will somehow change a few things in my life. I will be able to experience a new culture and be surrounded by different people. I feel that this trip will give me a better understanding of the roles that us Americans played and contributed during this event,” said Romero.

COL Chyterbok will be one of the chaperones for the trip. Congratulations to Romero and Pedroza for a great opportunity.