Wilkerson to U.S Naval Academy


Senior Kenny Wilkerson received the best news possible: an acceptance into the United States Naval Academy Preparatory School.

“When I think of the Naval Academy I think of nothing but an opportunity, basically a golden ticket for success. It’ll open up so many doors for me in life. Having something like this in my background is like being Thanos with all of the infinity stones,” said Wilkerson.

Transitioning into high school, Wilkerson was set on enrolling into a military academy. Furthermore he was interested in the United States Naval Academy.

“Everything that has happened in my life while at Phoenix has definitely impacted me to want to attend a military academy. Even before transitioning into high school, I had a general vision of myself working in some sort of military affiliated environment. When I took the visit, that pretty much put me in a mindset that I was all in and this is ultimately what I wanted for myself and I’m gonna do whatever it takes,” said Wilkerson.

Wilkerson has been a part of the school’s Raider Team, Baseball Team, Basketball Team, and Color Guard. Committing to these activities has helped shape his priorities and leadership abilities.

With hopes of accomplishing his dreams, getting accepted was the first step to making them a reality.