The truth of Coraline?

Graciela Batalla

If you like stop motion movies then you’re surely going to love the movie Coraline! Coraline is a movie written by Neil Gaiman and directed by Henry Selick. The movie of Coraline is about a girl that finds a secret door after moving to a new home and discovering an alternate world that is just like hers but better, her parents pay attention to her, she can do what she wants,and they would spoil her in a way. The only difference in that world is that people wore buttons for eyes. After spending some time in the alternative world, the other mother claimed that she could stay there as long as she let herself sow buttons in her eyes. Setting aside the movie,there is a theory going around that the one who created this story, Neil Gaiman, wrote this based on an experience he had with his friends. It is said that when he lived back in the UK there was an old woman whom everyone tried to stay away from based on the fact that she was so secluded. That lady had a newborn granddaughter whom she saved when a fire started in the family’s house.After successfully saving her, she didn’t want anyone to come in contact with her grand daughter so she would hardly let her out of her sight and beyond her property, even going as far as only letting her outside during night time so no one would see her. Many people started coming up with theories about why and the most popular one was that the girl was severely burned to the point that the grandmother was ashamed of her. The voice of the girl was heard at times but if it wasn’t for her voice then no one would believe that she really existed. After curiosity took over, Neil and his friends broke in they managed to find the grand daughter’s bedroom and sneak in. The kid should have been 10 years old by then but the room was decorated for a toddler. They managed to find a crib and only saw a bulk of semi-charred meat with buttons for eyes. The police was involved and the grandmother was sent to a psych ward, after a thorough search of the house, witchcraft books were found.