Super Ms. A!

Yadira Medina

For every senior, this year could be the most stressful, applying to colleges, scholarships or figuring out what to do after high school. Though making these decisions can push a student over the edge, here at Phoenix we are lucky to have Ms. Arauz.

Ms. A, as she is frequently called, works alongside students to help them make the right decision for them. For Ms. A, who a few years ago was sitting in the same seat some students were, she feels compelled to guide students to success.

“There’s a special connection that’s hard to explain. I experienced a lot as a child/teenager that always makes me feel like I can relate most to this age group and allows for me to also reflect on my own life experiences,” said Ms. A.

Ms. A, although now a successful person, endured hardships of her own. The same way some students at Phoenix do.

“My parents started crunching their pennies, and sent me to a private school when I was a sophomore in high school – Mother McAuley. Mother McAuley was a pivotal point in my education. “Let’s review last year’s material”, my teachers would say in class. “Review?” I thought to myself, “I’ve never learned any of this material!” It was there that I had an epiphany about the kind of education I had all along,” said Ms. A.

Same way most of high school students don’t realize their “smarts” aren’t enough in college, Ms. A experienced this same thing when being in a private school.

Reflecting on all the decisions she’s made, now as an educator she asks herself questions about the helps she had.

“I eventually transferred to a public neighborhood school as a junior where I earned my high school diploma. I applied to ONE school: UIC. As an educator now, I ask myself, “Who was my counselor? I did well in school, why wasn’t someone in my corner? Why didn’t my parents tell me to apply to more schools? Why wasn’t I aware of the options that I had? Why didn’t anyone ever talk to my parents?,” said Ms. A.

Ms. A is a real blessing to Phoenix, and its students, her work ethic to help those who need it is inspiring.