Impact Day

Yamel Lopez

Many people never have the chance to talk to someone about their feelings because they’re either too shy or scared to do so. Here at Phoenix Military Academy the counselors arrange an event called Impact Day every year to help students let out their feelings they been holding in.

First timers thought it would be boring to go, so at first they just went because their friends were going. After this experience it completely changed their minds.

“Once we started getting into groups and started the activities it started to get fun and it wasn’t boring at all,” said senior Manuela Chaidez.

This event really helps you take stuff off your shoulder, any problem or stress you have this is the event to go to and let it all out.

Some students who have participated before in this event were able to help out and set up the event and how the day was going to look like.

“I was one of the leaders so we had to be there earlier and help set up the gym and plan the day,” said senior Destiny Dotson.

Many students believe it’s a great opportunity to take on.

“If I had the chance to, I would definitely do this again,” said Chaidez.