Women’s History Month

Yadira Figueroa

Women’s History Month acknowledges women success to their contributions to society as well as past historical events. It shows how much advancement and played powerful roles that should be recognized. It’s a month of recognition for women.

In contemporary society women have found a voice and been more exposed to critical thinking. Now there’s more equality between males and females but females had to find a voice and advocate for themselves for that to happen. Little by little women have made it far compared to the the old days. Before women weren’t equal as men, women weren’t allowed to study, have a professional job, and they weren’t even allowed to vote. Now things have changed because now they are identified as a strong gender.  

There’s so many females that have contributed to motivate other females to stand up for themselves. There’s many female activists like Lucy Stone, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Rosa Parks, and many more. Those type of females are also extremely important because with one female standing up and speaking up it changed so much. It motivated other females because some find confidence when they hear someone else standing up. If those females activists would have never stood up maybe females wouldn’t be equal to men right now.

“I feel like this month should be recognize more because women hardly get any credit to a lot of things unless it publicized,” said Senior Graciela Batalla.

This is the time to recognize everything females have achieved even if it a simple they still contribute to society in a way because they are still helping to make things easier. Even if it’s things like volunteering in their communities for their extra time. Thye make earth a better place. If women wouldn’t have a role on this earth kids wouldn’t exist. Females bring males into this world and they have proven over time that they should be equal to men because they put as much effort into their work as men do.