Under the Radar

April De La Cruz

Bullying can occur anywhere, but high school is where bullying become a breeding ground. Starting a new year we should be able to stop bullying from happening. Bullying can occur from the age of three up to 19 years old. We should be able to stop bullying from happening, now that there’s so much support for victims who have been bullied.

At certain times we don’t even know where to put the blame for bullying. Some would say the school is responsible for what happen to their child during school that they could have a faster action to prevent this bullying from happening? The principal? Where were the teachers?  School staff? The bullied or their parents? Or the students?

Students in high school world wide have all witnessed some type of bullying or have been bullied themselves. Whether it’s online or it’s in person there is some type of bullying going on. Bullying is a very serious topic that should be handle with the utmost care.

Based on the CPS Policy Manual  their rules on bullying: If the student is off school grounds the school is personally not responsible for their child being bully. If they are physically assaulted or verbally the school is not responsible since it didn’t happen on school grounds.  

Parents have this idea that school should be one of the their safe places where they do not have to worry about their kids. That they are safe at school but what do they do when one of their children is bullied to an extent where they are physically harmed. What can the school do when they are not responsible for what happens outside of school?  

Statistically according to Pacer’s  National Bullying Prevention Center, more than one out of every five students report being bullied. There’s also bullying victims who wish not to report, trying not to make matters worse for themselves.

Bullying at Phoenix flies under the radar and many of us are oblivious to it. We just seeing it as “playing/ monkeying around” and many others see it that way also. Now bullying  doesn’t just happen in school, but also has to a technological component.

It is true that bullying can be seen as “kids being kids” but with suicide rates being at a very high point, the National Center for Health Statistics wants to drawn attention to how bullying can affect high schools students so much. Being bullied can harm the victim.

With the thousands of articles that are published about the effects of bullying  there are common similarities they have. The common similarity they have is the consequences for the victim and the bully. Being a bully and also being a victim of a bullying can cause anxiety, depression and as a result of those, they can also have very poor grades. These effects such as anxiety and depression can have long term effects on the victim and the bully.

Not to excuse bullying, but most bullies come from homes where it’s not the best situation. They also become victims at home or somewhere outside of their school. This only  creates more bullies now more than ever.