The Archery Team takes their shot!

Cindy Nunez

Over the holidays the archery team had a competition, and many of them broke their own records and won third place overall. Senior Jacqueline Ortiz and Jeffrey Ren practiced and prepared everyday for their competition and their hard work paid off.

Upon going to the competition the archers felt prepared as they had been practicing everyday early in the mornings and had the support of their friends, family, and coaches to do well.

We did practice enough to prepare and going into the competition I can honestly say that I was ready, but still had to deal with some unconscious nervousness when I began to shoot,” said Ortiz.

Due to the archers practice they were able to place. When asked what they could do better on Ortiz said,

“Phoenix placed 3rd overall and with the archers that shot, we did very well. Through the hard work of my archers I know that the team can get better as long as they stay dedicated and focused.”

The first of many competitions, the archery team has won various competition prior to the holidays. Throughout this competition they have gained new memories and accomplished goals they had set for themselves.

“It was memorable due to the fact that we went to a far place and got recognition for a competition that is not in our region,” said Ren.

Dedication is key, and through the archery’s dedication Ortiz believes they will continue to keep winning, if not winning they know that they have tried their best at every competition.