Imentor Pair Expedition

Cindy Nunez,

The iMentor program matches students in high schools with a committed college graduate mentor, and helps guide their mentee about the college process. Senior Andrea Hernandez and Jacqueline Ortiz are students that enjoy the program and the new memories that they are making with their mentor.

Hernandez and Ortiz both believe that the imentor program has helped them throughout the college process, and expectations that should be expected upon going to any university.

I strongly believe that iMentor helped me become more aware of what I should except in college. I have built a great relationship with my mentor to the point in which she greatly motivated to help me in every way possible,” said Hernandez.

The program doesn’t solely focus on college and after college, but it’s also a program to build friendships, make memories, and have fun. In the beginning of the year students were made to sign a pair expedition form to be allowed to go out with their mentors outside of school hours.

Hernandez and Ortiz having signed this contract, organized an event with a couple of other cadets to go to the Roller Rink with their mentors.

“It was fun, it was an opportunity to bond and create a lasting memory with my mentor. I was able to teach my mentor how to skate and because of that I got to see that my mentor is careful, stubborn, and open minded. These traits would have been hard to pinpoint if we only met through our meetings,” said Ortiz.

As seniors they are making the most out of every opportunity given, and Hernandez isn’t one to let this slip by.

“My favorite part was sharing a moment with my mentor in which we both acknowledged, even more, how we interact in the outside world without the influence of being in school. This was great for our interaction after high school,” said Hernandez.

Through this program, seniors alike believe that it’s a good way to gain more knowledge about college, but also a way to make memories with their mentors.