Yadira Figueroa

Feminism is a topic that has always been spoken of and present in our society. There are various opinions about feminism and how it has become better, but others may say that there’s still issues with the treatment between women and men. Some women may still want more advocacy to be considered equally as powerful as men. I think that that power could be there if the female looks for it and speaks up.

Feminism can mean many things to people. It could be way women are dominated by men, it could be how some homes have a patriarchal system, political movements, stereotypes, many other things, or all the above. It can have a more a sentimental impact on some women than others. In my opinion, it has been getting better but some females need to learn how to get enough confidence to look for help and speak out on their own.

Although, it has all been improving over the years, some women still suffer from unfair treatment from males and are afraid to speak up. It could even be from little things from home. Some women may still suffer because at home they have the belief that the man runs the place and that the woman has no rights. Some believe  the only thing women are made for is to raise kids, fulfill the husband’s demands and desires, and perform household duties. Some may even suffer from abuse because of this.

It can also be present in presidential campaigns, even though there are more women given the chance to be politically active. There has never been a woman president because maybe they are not the sexual preference people desire to have as a president. Maybe people are against it because the system has always had male presidents.

However, there are a lot more opportunities for woman now than there was in the past. Now women are able to have an education and sit in the same class as a man, they are able to have a job, make an income, be in politics, have a woman’s march, go to the police station to file a case, etc.

Women should just reach out to each other more to make it all better because now there are  more opportunities than there were before. It’s just the matter of getting used to the change society is having towards feminism by giving females more opportunities to be equal to men. Start researching  events that would help feminism and stop having a fear of speaking out. It’s mostly just about having the confidence to actually start doing something.