Call of duty

Daveon Debose

Do you play a video game with constant action, vibrant colors, personalization, and the ability to play with friends? If so, Call of Duty is the game for you. Call of Duty is a first person shooter video game franchise, which has been around since 2003. Call of Duty is the best first person shooter game to date when a insane global player base.

Call of Duty’s biggest rival is the Battlefield franchise, which came out a year before Call of Duty. They both have two completely different fan bases who constantly argue about  which game is better.

Battlefield has a few features in their game that  gives them a unique upper hand, providing better realistic stories for campaign mode, bigger multiplayer maps, destructible environments, and land and air vehicles for multiplayer.

Throughout all of the years Call of Duty has been around, they have won countless awards and constantly got high star ratings on their video games. This past October Call of Duty release their latest game “Black Ops 4” which currently have a rating of 8.5/10 rating from IGN Entertainment and a 5/5 from Common Sense Media. These ratings just goes to show that people really enjoy their games and the ratings shows.

I believe what makes Call of Duty stands out from any other first person shooter game is their incredible multiplayer mode and their ability to change the setting and theme for their games from the past, modern times, and even the future.

However, what Battlefield fails to do is provide fast paced action and close quarter encounters like Call of Duty and that’s one of the reasons why Call of duty will always be dominate.

The consistency of the Call of Duty developers is like no other. When a new title comes out the developers work full time to update the game by providing new content to keep the game interesting and enjoyable. They also fix all types of problems with the game such as bugs and glitches as soon as they are found. However, this is what same big name gaming studios lack, the ability to update their game frequently to keep the game running smoothly and efficiently.

In conclusion there will be no other first person shooter game uniquely like Call of Duty with the factors of personalization, fast paced action and great graphics.