This is Madness!


Andres Vargas

Every year young college basketball players seek glory in March. March Madness starts on Tuesday March 19, with a total of 68 of the best college basketball teams. Madness it is! There are so many teams participating which causes many different potential outcomes. If a team loses, they are automatically out. The tournament will start out with “The First Four,” as 8 teams fight for a position in the bracket only 4 of them can advance. Fans can also get involved as they have the chance to build a bracket, which means they can predict who is going to win each game that is played.

March Madness is a big opportunity for scouts to see NBA prospects that can fit into their team and those who are looking to go into the NBA. The players showcase what they can bring to the table.

The way that teams are placed in the bracket is based on their region and the seed within that region. So #1 North Carolina will play against #16 lona, and the winner advances on to the next game. Two teams will represent the state of Illinois, which is #15 Bradley who’s first game will be against #2 Michigan. Then we have the The Northeastern Huskies that  will be are listed as #13 seed ready to play against the #4 seed Kansas Jayhawks.

A big attention grabber is the freshman from Duke University, Zion Williamson, who is projected to be one of the top picks at this year’s NBA draft. Every year there are players that keep an eye out, since they will be playing with the best of the best.

The tournament will end on April 8, which will be the final with the best to team in college basketball. With March Madness right around the corner, there will be a list of games that are a must watch. Don’t snooze on any of the teams as a lot of the games will be going down to the wire.