CPS’ Finest

Omar Perez

From forcing students to go to school in -30 degree weather to underpaying teachers so badly they cancel school for a week, CPS has earned the title of one of the worst school systems in Illinois.

Now yes most inner city school systems in America are pretty bad, but CPS is on its own level. CPS is most famous for its values of quantity over quality.

Last year in 2018 CPS announced it would lay off 538 people including teachers and support personnel. Of course though this was after they underpaid them and expected them to fend for themselves.

Not only that, but CPS is notorious for still sending students to school in below freezing,  negative degree weather or in viscous snow storms.

Some may say “that’s not that bad, I’ve had worse.” However, if you’ve lived in Chicago for a long time you would know during the winter public transportation is slower than a fat man in Walmart. Let alone Chicago has grown to cultivate this culture of not shoveling their sidewalks, forcing students to walk in the streets and pose a risk of being hit by cars.

Now I know am just another CPS student who might seem like they’re just complaining about school, like every other high schooler, but CPS is failing us academically and it feels like they don’t care about our safety.

In early 2018 Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced he wanted to build a $95 million dollar police  academy with a pool, recreation area, gym, basketball court and more.

Rahm plans to get this money by defunding the CPS system and shutting down close to 50 schools. Now I don’t know about you but I have enough common sense to say this is not very good.

Lastly even after budget cuts, underpaying teachers, and donations CPS still can’t afford to put salt in their school lunch. The usual school lunch for CPS is undercooked hamburgers, your choice of an old dirty fruit or vegetable and a milk, but if you don’t want to drink that just have a taste of our lead poisoned water.

I’m gonna just let all that sink in for a second. Now think to yourself, is CPS the worst school system, or do you think you can handle what we have to go through? Quite frankly we all want to leave and go to a suburban school but we’re all not  privileged to make decisions like that.