Who’s your crush?


Graciela Batalla


On Valentines day, PMA always gives the option to send a small gift with a note or remain anonymous. The gift is different each year, depending on what they are selling. Last year the school sold  in the cafeteria, this year, however, the National Honor Society (NHS) took charge and sold Crush sodas. NHS is an organization for students where they do volunteer work around the city of Chicago and help others in different communities. Of course, volunteer work is not the only thing this organization focuses on,

they also focus on scholarships and leadership development. It is a tradition for NHS to sell sodas every year and fundraise the money for future volunteering events. This year PMA was introduced to that traditions and was able to send a crush can soda to friends or significant others. Along with the can, it was an option to send a note with a name or remain anonymous.

“It was a great way to fundraise for NHS because it would help those out who wanted a last minute gift for their significant other,” said senior Guetzemany Guardado.

The cans were giving out during the last period of school and many saved it until later or would drink it during after school activities.