Becoming Vice President

Destiny Dotson

Roland Paris: Coach, Athletic Director, Head of Security, and now Vice President of The Fresh Start Scholarship. Paris has been in this organization for 8 years and on his 9th year he was nominated for the role of vice president.To become vice president he has to raise money and perform at the events that they host. This organization raises money for students so that they can go to school.

“We perform in front of people. We sing,” said Paris.  

The organization hosts parties every holiday for Christmas, New Years, and other occasions when they have the time and want to gain more money. At the parties the group, including Paris, perform for the guest. They perform a mixture of acapella and karaoke.

At their New Year’s party they were able to raise $200,000. This money is available to students who want to go to school.

Fresh Start president, Mr. Fred Gaffney, chose Paris out of all the recipients because he was “instrumental in helping to raise over $200,000.00 towards our scholarship funds.”

Paris’s responsibilities will increase tremendously and he will be responsible for helping the president. Even before becoming a member he would come to these parties and bring more people. So the president asked him to become a member and now he is the Vice President. Congratulations Paris.