Dream Competition


Cindy Nunez

His Dream His Award


The Dream Fellowship Competition is for a scholarship that celebrates and supports first generation college students by offering students financial aid. Winners can receive a stipend to cover four years of books and fees. Having searched and applied, senior Auri Martinez won the Dream Fellowship competition that will pay for his books and provide financial aid for four years at Elmhurst College.


For many, taking a risk and applying to scholarships that you might not win is difficult, especially if its a scholarship that will pay most of your institutional fees. Martinez took that risk not knowing if he would win or not.


I knew about the scholarship since the beginning of December and I had to make a video explaining what graduating from college being a first – generation student means to me. I took the chance and I tried to get my hopes up so when I was called up to the stage I was speechless,” said Martinez


The process for the Dream Competition itself wasn’t difficult as it’s only requirement was being admitted to Elmhurst College as a first generation student with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.


“Elmhurst is my first choice and from what I know so far is that it covers my books and fees all four years,” said Martinez.


For a first generation student going to college this could not have been a better opportunity for Martinez. Proud of his accomplishment for winning this prestigious award from Elmhurst College, Martinez is more than grateful, for being granted the opportunity to study at his dream school for free.