Mean Tough

Juan Cuevas

Luis Gonzalez a senior at PMA is a wrestler who has been wrestling since his freshman year and has grown over the past four years. It’s his last season of his high school career.

“I joined wrestling freshman year because I wanted to do many activities and waste time,” said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez explained how throughout every wrestling season he has gained many opportunities and it has helped him change to become a better person. Wrestling has brought him leadership roles, consistency and more responsibility.

However, all good things have their downsides as well. Junior year was a harsh year for Gonzalez as he had to quit during the season due to surgery. He had surgery due to an infection in his stomach and had problems.

After recovering Gonzalez went back to training to do what they do best, wrestle. He practiced slowly everyday until he felt 100% comfortable with himself.

Gonzalez however doesn’t want to wrestle for college and said that this was just a way to distract him from the bad things.  He stated it was just a “thing to waste time” it kept him out of problems and helped make him a better person