Cadets of the Quarter


Yadira Figueroa

Being Cadet of the Quarter shows that a person is very dedicated and also recognizes the effort put into their school work..

Many cadets were recognized for being Cadets of the Quarter on February 27, 2019 for their hard work academically.

The cadets have demonstrated that they have been dedicated to doing good in school by staying on top of achievements, being active, and staying motivated to keep persevering.

“I believe progressing academically and participating around the school contributed to me being Cadet of the Quarter. My siblings are a consistent motivation to keeping my grades up. I don’t find it right to tell them to do their work if I’m not doing mine,” said senior Andrea Hernandez.

Although they have made it far, each one has faced issues.

“Balancing my social life and extracurriculars do make things difficult for me but I keep in mind that I also need a way to distress,” said Hernandez.

Even if they have distractions that make things difficult, they keep on persevering because they have found a way to manage distractions with their academic life. They have also found a way to do things that helps them personally.

“Prioritizing is key. In other words, you need to know when to and not to do something. Knowing how to manage time helped me get things done in a specific order and complete my assignments. Don’t try completing things quickly. Take your time because it’s better to do it right the first time than try to continuously fix your mistakes, “ said Hernandez

Besides being motivated people also need to find enough self-confidence to keep going and make themselves believe that they would make it in order to accomplish something.

“I am proud of myself. It’s just believing in yourself and doing the best you can do,” said senior Khalid Herron