Moving on to City!

Cindy Nunez

Every year a few selected students from schools all over Chicago come to Illinois Tech University to compete in the science fair. This year amongst those students, were cadets from Phoenix . Each with a project of their own, they were confident in what took them months to prepare to present to the judges.

Out of the the five students that were present at the event, four are moving onto city. Seniors Stoykof Nunez, Jeffrey Ren, and Sophomores Angela Ruiz, and Daniel are Phoenix cadets that will be moving onto city.

Nunez and Ren have been in this event since their freshman year, knowing the pressure and the nervousness of waiting didn’t stop them from enjoying the event, and making it to city.

Feels great to be going again. Every year I prepare by making sure I know my topic, and everything I say is to move forward onto the next competition,” said Nunez.

Ruiz studied, prepared, and was ready when the judges came to hear her presentation, and when it came down to name the students who will be moving onto city it came to no surprise when Ruizs name was called.

“It feels pretty good to move onto city this being because of the fact that I am really excited to be able to go and present my project again,” said Ruiz.

Aside from being happy that they moved onto city, the competitors were asked what their biggest take away was during the science fair.

“I feel the biggest take away from it has been how to handle criticism. I would reluctantly do it again as I understand how it could impact my future. I feel better prepared for the future because of it,” said Nunez.

Moving onto city is a huge step forward for these students, but moving onto state is another obstacles that these students will overcome. Prepared and focused for the city science fair, Nunez, and Ruiz will do their best to make it to state.