She’s a Scottie!

Cindy Nunez

The Posse Foundation, a scholarship program, helps students with great leadership abilities receive full tuition at one of their many partner schools in the U.S. Senior Estrella Villa, a student of great leadership skills, has earned her spot at the final stage of the interview process and has been granted admission to Agnes Scott College on a full paid tuition scholarship.

“…before I knew it they said congratulations you are Agnes Scott College Posse 7 and I ran crying to my mom…. “Gane la Beca mami!!!!!”, exclaimed Villa.

Excited at the prospect of having won the scholarship, Villa is thankful for her hard work throughout high school.

“Honestly, being a first generation student and getting this scholarship meant the world to me and to my family. I was the first one in my family to win a scholarship that is paying for my college. It felt so great knowing that I made my family proud,” said Villa.

Although it is was worth it in the end, the application process was not easy.

“The process was very difficult, the application itself was easy but the interviews were the scary parts. Before every interview I was nervous that I won’t be able to show my best self. But as soon as I got there I didn’t hesitate I was myself the full time and I guess I stood out,” said Villa.

Despite being nervous, Villa’s personality and leadership qualities stood out among the rest of the Posse scholars. Being a Posse finalist she has been given resources to help her transition from high school to college.

“As a Posse finalist, I have a group of friends now that will be going to the same college as I, we also have many workshops that are going to help make our transition easier. Not only that we have math and writing coaches, tutoring days, and a career trainer,” said Villa

Thankful and excited Villa is ready to become a full Scottie and start her college career.