DACA Renewal

Cindy Nunez

Why must we be at a disadvantage compared to other legal U.S citizens? On September 21, 2012 the Dreamers Act was instilled, a bill that allowed the children of immigrants that were brought here illegally to be able to study and work in the U.S. if they met certain requirements. This gives millions of undocumented students the chance to enhance their education, provide income for their families, and make a statement for others, that they can make it just as any other person.

Despite this many are not in favor of the DACA Act to be renewed again, following as it goes against legal immigration reforms and as many Republicans have stated in their arguments, they need more secure borders and an end to chain migration.

Contrary to this strong belief, The DREAM Act allows the children of illegal immigrants to contribute to the economy by participating in the workforce, it also allows students to be able to have employment, pay taxes, and serve in the military without fear of deportation.

I believe that the dreamers deserve the same opportunities that other legal citizen students have, whether it be education or working. DACA is a tool for success, a chance for the dreamers to have a chance to do what they want without the fear of deportation, it not only alleviates our fears but it also brings hope.

In the land of the free, as the United States is called, the roots of America is equality for all. Then why must dreamers be forced to live in fear, worried if they can continue to even have an education or work to help their family and themselves. Many illegal citizens have done a lot to help the economy, brought forth new ideas, and have sacrificed their lives for a country that they strongly believe is their own. So why must we be at a disadvantage?