Cats vs. Dogs

Andres Vargas

One of the biggest rivalries is between dogs and cats. Dogs are the best route to take when shopping for a pet. A man’s best friend can be anyone’s best friends. Dogs come in so many sizes. If you want a small dog, they can weigh from 3.5 pounds to 7 pounds and big dogs can weigh close to 150. Cats are all the same size from 5 pounds up to 25 pounds.

If you like options, you have many between the 167 different dog breeds. Dogs are also a reason to go out, you need to walk your dog so if you are in bed the whole day you can now get some fresh air with your dog. You will also start bonding with your dog as they are very loving animals.

Although dogs are very dependent pets. They are a big responsibility as you have to feed them, potty train them and basically treat them like a baby. Cats like to look for their food so although you have to feed them, they will find something to feed themselves if you don’t. Cats also like to groom themselves way more than dogs. Cats use a litter box in order use the bathroom so you can keep them in the house rather than going outside to take the dog.

Dogs are known to help people with their public speaking. When you are growing a bond with your dog you can talk to them to get your mind off of  things. Dogs really like your attention, so they will be all over you. The best part is when you get home and your dog is there waiting for you. They show you how much they love you and it really lightens your the mood.

With that being said, although dogs are a bigger responsibility they are way more loving and more active with you. It is a price to pay if you are looking for a very great friend.