Modern Concentration Camps

Omar Perez

In China, Turkish and Uyghurs people are being held in Concentration Camps but, are being renamed as “re-education camps.”

“At least 800,000 possibly up to a couple million are help in these camps,” said Scott Busby of the US state department.

These people are being tortured, beaten to death and interrogated. They’re also being castrated and sterilized within these camps, a method used on African slaves, Holocaust victims and dogs. Castration and sterilization is an initiation of genocide by the removal of reproductive organs.

Children who are sent to these camps are often relocated to state-run orphanages, they are forced to obey Chinese regulations and speak the language and if not they are abused and tortured.

According to NowThis News, they are all forced to denounce any religion they may practice and adopt atheism.

Any display of religion is punishable by crime or being beaten to death. These prisoners are also forced to change their name to ethnic Chinese names and it is against the law to have a traditional Islamic or Muslim name.

After people die or are killed in these camps their bodies are burned another method used during the holocaust by Nazis. Due to them burning bodies we don’t know how many people are dying or being killed.

The whole facility is surrounded by steel concrete walls and armed guard watch towers just like a concentration camp.

The reason no one has heard of what’s going on is due to china’s very tight control over media, if you think about it, what is one bad thing you heard about china in the past years?

These people are leaving their country due to high taxes and low salaries which leads to high poverty rates and crime.

Detaining them in these facilities creating refuge is China’s perfect opportunity to maintain control over their mineral rich lands by keeping them out.

Things you can do to help them is to mainly spread awareness, join protest and support local turkish communities. So please share this article to help those in need, do the right thing.