Students Run Chicago Recruits at PMA

Students Run Chicago Recruits at PMA

Josseline Manzanares

Students Run Chicago is a youth mentorship-running program which trains Chicago high school students to master goal setting, responsibility, discipline, and health & wellness. The program lasts 25 weeks around the spring and summer seasons. Many students from around the city join each year. The program aims to train kids not only academically and emotionally, but also physically.

“Students Run Chicago (SRC) has had an incredibly positive impact on me as a student and athlete in that my endurance has increased dramatically, and my schedule as a student has increased to handle more in a smaller schedule than I thought possible,” said senior Stoykof Nunez.

Nunez was a former participant in SRC this past summer, the number of PMA participants has gradually decreased each year- which is why the program is really looking to recruit more members. SRC has have been working with high school students ever since 2014- starting with only 10 students. Since then, they now average up to 50 students a year.

All the program requires is parental/medical approval (by April 13th), transportation to Saturday run sites (Montrose and 31st st beaches- although SRC is willing to help if this is an issue), commitment, punctuality, responsibility, and respectful attitudes.

The program provides their runners with experienced mentors/coaches, an organized training schedule (builds you from not running at all, to running 26.2 miles safely), a new pair of running shoes, running socks, a SRC running t-shirt, a sports bra for females, nutrition, hydration, paid entries for the marathons (4 total), and special events with name brands/corporations. Last year the group met with actor and comedian Kevin Hart before the Chicago Marathon. Hart helped hype the group for their long run.

“I think SRC is an excellent program for people of all ages who want to set a goal for themselves or want to improve themselves physically in preparation for more intense training. The support structures are there for everything you need whether it be a ride to/from the run location or the proper running shoes. As well as support for proper training methods and scheduling,” said Nunez.

They look forward to recruiting underclassmen in order to keep their program up and running. This program is not only practically free, but it also helps you become a fit athlete with opportunities and resources needed as well.