A Champion on the Rise


Damien Ponce

Wrestling is a very physical sport that takes  a lot of energy and drains a person to their limit. In order to meet weight requirements and improve overall one must train their body to exceed its limits and try and become the best. Junior Jaylene Goree has done just that and made school history to win first place at the Chicago City Wrestling Tournament

Winning first is a surreal feeling, knowing that all the hard work put in has finally paid off, but Goree is hungry for more.

“I can’t really explain it. I mean I’m happy about it but that just shows me where my skills are at. I won’t be satisfied until I make it to state,” said Goree.

Goree has gone above and beyond this year training harder than ever.

“Besides going to practice I also ran for 30 minutes each morning before school as well as work out with my family after practice,” said Goree.

Goree was introduced to wrestling by an alumni and has loved it ever since.

“Actually the only reason I joined was because  Azari Johnson had forced me to come to practice my freshman year and I loved it ever since,” said Goree.

Goree’s team has helped him improve on his weaknesses and made him a better wrestler.

“I mean everyday in practice I wrestle with my team and they help me with my weaknesses,” said Goree.

Goree’s teammates were very happy for him and how well he placed at the city tournament.

“They were all happy for me and I mean we all had worked so hard this season even though I won it was like we all had won,” said Goree.

Starting February 8th, Phoenix wrestling will compete in sectionals with the hopes of qualifying for state. Seniors Omar Perez, Luis Gonzalez, Martin Martinez and Kevin Rodriguez, junior Jaylene Goree, sophomore Jesus Lua and freshmen Rafael Soto  will represent Phoenix proudly.