Army Bound

Carlos Renteria

When growing up every student has their own ideas for their future. For many, college is one of the biggest ideas that comes to mind after high school, but for others joining the Army is their best bet. Daveon Debose, Diego Lara, Luis Gonzalez, Kimberly Alvarado Monterr, and Jorge Ochoa have received the ROTC scholarship for the University of Illinois at Chicago or Chicago State University. The ROTC scholarship is a military agreement where they pay for college tuition, but it is mandatory that one serves time in the Army after college.

Senior Daveon Debose explained exactly what all participants did when they were given the test.

“What I had to do for the scholarship was do as many push ups and situps as I can in  one minute and the one mile run. Then I had to do a interview with an Army Officer,” said Debose.

A downside to the scholarship for people is that you have to serve a mandatory 8 years in active Army, Army reserve or Army National Guard. For Debose this isn’t a problem, he knows his future is bright and he has an idea of where he will be going to college.

“I am planning to use this scholarship for Chicago State University because that’s the school it is for,” said Debose.

Senior Luis Gonzalez also received the ROTC Tuition scholarship and was overwhelmed that he won the scholarship.

“I was really surprised actually, at first I thought I didn’t get the scholarship because of how long it took to get back at us and let us know the results. But I was actually quite happy and relieved because their goes less money I have to pay,” said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez may not know exactly what the future holds for him but he knows what he  wants to do at the moment. He will be preparing himself for college and the money used from the scholarship.

“I can’t tell the future so I am not quite sure, but my present and my plan is to finish high school right now, save up money over the summer to get a car so I can drive to class instead of taking the train. I have confidence and patience that everything will be okay that eventually everything will fall into place”, said Gonzalez.

Both of these boys futures are looking solid. Slowly but surely they will turn into young, smart men who will have a job to support their needs.