JEA Convention

Anthony Catching

This year the Journalism Education Association (JEA) hosted their semi annual convention in Chicago downtown. The JEA convention hosts over 6,000 guests worldwide, containing little workshops on how to become better writers and reporters.

From November 1-4 at the Hyatt Regency, some of those 6,000 guests were seniors from Phoenix Military Academy.

Senior Shelsley Morales, student at Phoenix Military Academy, seemed excited about the convention.  Morales said she was flattered that she learned some techniques that´ll help for her Journalism class.

I think the one that mattered most was photoshop. Photoshop is useful, we take the class now with Mr McElgunn but that worksop went more in depth with details and shortcuts and how we can use the material to create a nicer yearbook,” said Morales

Students from all over the world will be able to take those workshops and better their learning when it comes to editing their school yearbooks and articles\

Most people were more interested in the workshops than the conventions itself. The workshops were  what was so unique; they varied from normal topics like ´photoshop´ to topics like “where does babies come from?”.

Another senior, Yamel Lopez, was another student that was exposed to new writing techniques.

In addition to Senior Morales, Lopez said that she figured out what story ideas are interesting and what story ideas aren’t being heard a lot that should be heard.

The JEA convention teaches students the fundamentals and keys of becoming a good journalist. It also brings together 6,000 people worldwide together for one common goal: to be the best.