First of Many

Jorge Castillo

The Gay Straight Alliance club kicked off a great start this year with senior Victoria Rivera as president of GSA this year she made sure that the first meeting everyone was comfortable enough to speak.

Rivera plays a big role in when the meetings are and how they run.  

“As the president I have many responsibilities such as organizing the meetings and recruiting new members,” said Rivera.

Rivera looks forward to GSA every month. In September GSA had their first meeting in Mr. Falona’s room. For new members Rivera tried to make them feel comfortable enough to talk. If they still refused to talk then Rivera did not make them however she does have other ideas that will make them feel comfortable.

“ We do activities to get comfortable and familiar with each other and then they appear to share more and we tend to build a bond that wasn’t there before,” said Rivera.

For example GSA will have a Christmas party and other fun events within the GSA community. They try to make every meeting they have entertaining.

This year many new people have joined GSA,which brought a smile to all the previous members’ of GSA. Overall, it was  a strong start for GSA.