Bringing it back to Latin and Afro studies

Yamel Lopez

Contemporary American History is back in business. Senior Kenny Wilkerson is in that class third period. They talk a lot about both Latin and Afro cultures. Most recently the topic they have been discussing is the book “Enrique’s Journey”, which is about a migrant who travels to the United States.

Recently they had a field trip to Bronzeville to visit African American related art galleries. They went to eat at “Chicken & Waffles” and to four different art galleries all around the same area. Everyone who attended the field trip ate chicken and waffles but not Wilkerson.

“I had a burger though, with curly fries. That was pretty good,” said Wilkerson.

According to Wilkerson, there were many art pieces that you could walk up close to and understand  the meaning. Others he felt it was best to stand way back to understand it.

“In those are galleries we saw very abstract art,” said Wilkerson.

He thought that the field trip was very informational about African American culture as well as enlightening. He believes that they all created a great bond with each other discussing art and eating.

Overall Wilkerson learned that there are art pieces out there that represent the black community very well. He feels he really learned a lot about art.