Girls Basketball Game Cancellation

D'Ajahnae Croft

        On December eleventh, the girls basketball team was pumped for their game against Mather high school. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned because the girls were not able to go to the game.

      “The bus company didn’t show up to the school. The ref showed up to the game under influence of cannabis,” said senior Nia Hawkins.

      The team waited after school for hours, waiting for the bus to pick them up but it never showed. On top of that let down, the referee that was at Mather High showed up under the influence of marijuana.

      “Their school called our coach to inform us of this and to reschedule,” said junior Joelisty Romero.

      The team was very disappointed and their high spirits fell, knowing that they weren’t going to be able to play that day. All of this also caused confusion and frustration. Some of the girls had arranged their rides home for after the game but since there was no game, they had to take the bus or ride with a teammate.

      “We waited 3 hours after being released from school some girls had to take the bus home because their rides wouldn’t arrive until we return back to the school after the game,” said Hawkins.

      There was a lot of time wasted. The girls felt like they could’ve been using their time for things that they needed to get done instead of waiting for the bus.

      “I was mainly upset because I could have been doing my homework and catching up on some of my school work. I was also upset because that was extremely unorganized and uncalled for,” said Romero.

     Fortunately for the team, Mather agreed to reschedule the game. They play one another some time in January. This incident was very heartbreaking to the team and now makes them think less of the bus company and the ref who showed up high.