Video Games are a Part of My Life

Melissa Herrera

Video games are fun to play when you’re bored or just trying to have fun, but when gaming takes a huge part of your life, it’s a lot to handle. Senior Manuel Vargas has been playing video games since he was nine years old, since then, it has become one of his favorite hobbies. Although he enjoys playing video games, he stated that it has positively and negatively affected his life.

“It has affected me positively because I feel like it taught me to multitask and do things faster, but to add on to that it can be a distraction sometimes as well,” said senior Manuel.

Vargas also states that at one point it became a huge obstacle in his academic life because he would prefer to stay home during school days. However, after realizing that it was becoming a bad habit, he was able to manage his time on video games.

“It has been an obstacle in my academic life because I’ve become so attached to my console that I wanted to stay inside my home and practice my gaming skills,” said Vargas.

Vargas also looks up to professional gamers who stream their gameplays online, and he learns from their skills as well. However, he doesn’t plan to stream his gameplays online any time soon.

“I admire the people who stream their gameplays online because I can be able to learn their techniques and use them on my own. I’ve never streamed I don’t think I’m brave enough to do it, but hopefully I get to do it someday in my life,” said Vargas.

Although so much of his time was put into video games, money comes into play as well.Vargas spends approximately $60 a year on memberships and over $100 on games.