Usbaldo’s First Win

Anthony Catching

Junior year is one of the most important years of High School, regarding SAT/ACT testing and maintaining the highest GPA you are able to achieve. It can get really difficult when you’re an athlete. One junior is able to do both, his name is Usbaldo Fernandez. On December 6th, PMA’s wrestling team played again Richard T. Crane Medical Prep High School on their turf. Although the task was difficult. Fernandez however, made the task seem so easy when he used his aggressiveness to pin his opponent for a great win.


Weighing in the 106 lbs class, Fernandez did not get the chance to wrestle as much but he sure did win a lot. Going against his opponent, Fernandez included that he was not really worried about his opponent. He also included that was thinking more about dinner back at home rather than his chances of losing his match.


“No, I felt like I was intimidating him, I always give my opponent a stank face,” said Fernandez when asked if he was intimidated by his opponent.


Wrestling can be very hard because of the pressure of a personal record and the team, Fernandez’s “stank” face and aggressiveness worked when lead to a (4-0) win by pin. Of course proud of himself, Fernandez was thinking of a better way to make the pin more successfully.


“Something I would have done better was be a bit more aggressive,” said Fernandez.


This year undefeated, Fernandez has a record of (11-0) and hopes to remain this status.