Defending the Record


Kevin Vargas

Chicago Pro boxer Christian Williams, 24, has been fighting since he was eight years old, a total of 16 years experience in the ring. Williams fights in the lightweight division at 123 pounds and has five wins zero losses and four knockouts. On February 16th, Williams will be defending his record in Indianapolis against his challenger.

“Hopefully we’ll be 6 and 0 with 5 knockouts,” said Williams about his match.

Williams had his first ever boxing match when he was 8 years old. He won his fight in 2003. “ I was 8 years old when I had my first fight, at first I was nervous but when I hit him and I saw his nose started bleeding I got excited, And I made my dad proud,” said Williams.

The pro boxer trains at Robert Taylor Park, which is also where he started his boxing career. Taylor Park is a one of the many park district locations across Chicago, and one of the parks to have a boxing program for children and adults.

Williams’s biggest influence in boxing is lightweight champion Andre Ward. However, Ward isn’t the only inspiration that made him want to become a better fighter; it’s also the the youth of the boxing community. He wants to be an inspiration and influence others and help young boxers and teach them how to become better fighters