Bowling Pin Win

Anthony Catching

Bowling season is now over and this year PMA ended it with a bang! Seniors Jorge Ochoa, Luciano Alvarez and Aloisius Arellano participated in the city wide tournament which was held at Waveland Bowl and with their hard work and dedication, they received the “All Conference” award.


After receiving the award from their semi-finals playoffs, the team used that as a motivation to continue striving. The team continued on to their final tournament,they qualified to compete again other advanced teams for the win.


Although they were prepared from their practices and motivation, it was still a tough feeling. Being under pressure the entire time made it harder to win.


“I was a little nervous but I got comfortable with the situation in order to perform at my highest capabilities,” said Arellano.  


PMA came second place in their conference, losing only one game in conference yet still being qualified to play other teams in other conference.


“Honestly, throughout the season, we did great,” said Senior Ochoa.


Senior Alvarez has been bowling for some time now and will continue bowling in the tournament as an individual. Although this is his third time receiving the award, he is still flattered of such reward. His last game he totaled 161 points.


With a record of 5-2, PMA couldn’t be any more proud of our bowling team.