J.A. Paves the Way

J.A. Paves the Way

Khalid Herron

.Making the transition from elementary school to middle school is a huge step for most students. Overall, these young adolescents anticipate this transition with a mixture of excitement, hesitation, and in some cases anxiety.Junior Achievement helps inform and kill some of the doubts of the next level about being a teacher and a leader

“The kids are clueless and so adorable they listen more than my classmates” said senior Nia Hawkins.

Many of the kids that were taught were young fourth through seventh graders. They ask a lot of questions about high school, like is it fun? And if we do  get a lot of homework. It really gives participates in Junior Achievement a chance to feel good about being that light in some kids lives.\

“It was a fun experience, we were able to have a point of view of what teachers do on daily bases, and what they do for us” said senior Briana Quezada.

Many students gained a great experience, and believe it helped in many ways.