Ideas Day

Josseline Manzanares

Chicago Ideas Week came to light up the bulbs of many students at PMA. All previous ambassadors from CIW got together to plan out this event that took place Nov. 20th, 2018. Gilberto Ortiz was in charge of interviewing the guest speaker, Cristian Duarte was in charge of giving instructions, Jennifer Salgado was in charge of the Lego Activity, and LuzMarie Bond was in charge of supervising that the event ran smoothly.

“It was hard and stressful. We started late which meant we had to meet a lot more and get more done in a short period of time. It Would’ve been easier to start earlier and get it done earlier”, said Bond.

It took a lot of hard work from these students to coordinate this event- They got 5 guest speakers to show up and speak about their thoughts on how we could better the youth community. Just like the guest speakers, Bond’s main purpose for this event was for the senior class to be aware of the things that they could do for their community as well as how they could benefit from their hardships.

“I want to impact youth in a way to make them feel like they’re not silenced. I want youth to know that they do indeed have a voice and that they can use it to speak on things they feel very passionate about. I want youth to feel as if they can become better not only for their communities but themselves as well”, said Bond.

Not only was there guest speakers, but they also coordinated an activity with legos which was majority of the people’s favorite activity because they got to work together and they got to test their memory and communication skills. Overall, this has really been a great learning experience for Bond.

“It has impacted me in a positive sense. I know that if I want to I can most definitely to it again and make it better. Also, I feel like somehow in some way I was able to make a change whether it was big or small in someone’s mindset”, said Bond.