You Are What You Eat

Omar Perez

When it comes to sports you want to do nothing but perform at your very best. This  means training hard, going to practice everyday, and dieting. Dieting is something not many people do, especially the PMA sports teams, but wrestling has taken it to a whole new level.

“I diet so I can make a particular weight class and also feel good while I am wrestling or just training,” said senior Luis Gonzalez.

Wrestling is a weight classified sport where participants have to be at a certain weight. If you do not match the weight class you would have to lose weight.

“There are particular foods you should stay away from. Such as foods with tons of sugar and carbs. The sugar will slow you down and the carbs will make it hard to cut weight,” said senior Martin Martinez.

Although the food you eat will slow you down, it’s all in moderation and knowing the right foods to eat. Some foods that can help would be skinless chicken, steak, fruits, veggies, salmon, eggs, peanut butter, rice, turkey, potatoes, beans and protein bars. Seniors Gonzalez and Martinez have taken it so strictly they began their own personal meal plan.

“In the morning I’ll eat 2 fruits and drink a cold glass of water to speed up my metabolism then eat 2 other fruits throughout the day. Then for lunch I’ll eat a chicken breast with rice and water to drink. For dinner I’ll usually eat a PB&J or a protein shake or protein bar,” said Gonzalez.

Although they do diet properly they will have cheat days here and there. It is okay to cheat every once in awhile as long as it does have a direct impact to your body instantly.

“Honestly after I eat unhealthy I feel horrible since my body is so used to consuming good healthy stuff but eating healthy helps me be at my best physically because I don’t feel sluggish or tired,”said senior Kevin Rodriguez.

Participating in a sport like wrestling requires you to watch not only what you do but what you eat. Your overall commitment to dieting really determines your performance proving you are what you eat.