ACE Mentor Program

Jose Aguilera

The ACE (Architecture. Construction. Engineering.) Mentor Program is an afterschool program that allows students to explore careers that revolve around architecture, construction management, and engineering. It doesn’t take much to apply since you only need to be a dedicated student past freshman year with a minimum of a 2.5 GPA. The program last 15 weeks from November 2018 – April 2019, with each session lasting only two hours. They meet downtown Chicago and the program is  completely free.

Phoenix has 13 students attending the program, including juniors Luis Trejo and Keyla Pinanjota. They both really enjoy their time there because the mentors are fun to work with and are pretty open with the kids.

Pinanjota and Trejo said it is  interesting to be in class full of people that value similar interests and as of now the kids are getting to know each other after doing an ice breaker activities. The class is picking up slowly since everyone just met. but they are picking up traction and doing a lot of fascinating projects.

“I am heading to major in electrical engineering and working with other engineers who have their degree in engineering helps a lot,” said Trejo about the mentors.

This program is still very useful to those that still are trying to figure their future out such as Pinanjota.

“I’m not sure what is right for me but I want to do something that I love to do and look forward for it,” said Pinanjota about her future.

Whether the students  have a set path for a certain field or want to explore more options and new experiences the ACE program is an intriguing choice.