Questbridge Recipient: Efrain Colunga


Cindy Nunez

The Questbridge National College Match is a college and scholarship application process to help academically high achieving high school seniors be able to get a full four-year scholarship to the nation’s most selective colleges. Senior Efrain Colunga is one of the students  granted admission to Emory University on a full ride scholarship.

The application was not as easy as one would think. It took extensive time and preparation to complete.

“For one the application is very competitive and I felt that I didn’t have some time to write the essays that were to the standards of the schools that I wanted to apply to and made me feel kinda nervous that maybe I wasn’t doing the best I could,” said Colunga.

Despite this, he managed to be a finalist and moved on to apply to his top eight colleges he wanted to attend, such as Northwestern, Stanford, Yale, and early decision to Emory University. When Colunga got the news that he was matched to Emory University he was beyond happy.

“I was really excited, I ran down to my mom and told her, “Mom I got in you know!”, I was like yeah,” said Colunga.

Emory University is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Colunga’s next step towards college preparation is applying to more scholarships to further his education and purchase books, transportation and supplies. Excited and happy at being accepted at his dream school Colunga is more than ready to begin his college success.