Bittersweet Last Season


D'ajahnae Croft

Recently, the boy’s basketball season started and the players couldn’t be more excited. For some, however, the start of this season is bittersweet because it’s the last season of their high school career. In total, there are four senior captains of the team, Khalid Herron, Eddie Fox Commings, Kenny Wilkerson and Vinquan Randle. Over the years, these guys have built a connection and have become good friends.

The team recently played their first game against Julian High School. PMA won 45-25. This was an accomplishment for these guys, it started off their season on a positive note.

“It was a good win but we want to act as if we still have something to prove because we do,” said Herron.

Everyone at PMA knows how hard these guys train throughout the year so that they can be successful when their season comes around. The rigor and the toughness of their workouts and training benefits them in more ways that one.

“All the hard practices allowed me to stay in the entire game,” said Wilkerson.

Since this is their last season, these captains have to have a set plan to ensure the success of the team when they graduate. The younger members of the team look up to them.

“I plan on helping them by treating them like they are no different from the returners but I also let them know that it’s my last year get right or leave,” said Herron.

There’s no secret that these guys are exceptionally passionate about basketball so they want everything to go right. The captains of this team are basically brothers at this point. They look out for each other on the court and off.

“Our bond is stronger with each other than with our coaches. When I was sick and in the hospital, the captains came to see me. We go to each other first for anything we need help with,” said Randle.

Lots of people would say that being able to have a bond with your teammates is an amazing thing. Not all people have that luxury so our boys consider themselves lucky.