The Man Behind Number 10


Alexander Valle

Senior Jorge Ochoa is known at Phoenix for his academic accomplishments and leadership. He has demonstrated leadership throughout his time here, but many may not know that he also demonstrates it outside of school.  Ochoa has been the captain of the Boys’ Soccer team for two out of the four years he has been with the team.

Ochoa has accomplished a lot during that time. During Ochoa’s run with the team he scored 70 goals, won 2 Regional Championships, 1 Conference Championship, 2 qualifications to the City-Wide Tournament and the team was promoted to Division 1.  These are accomplishments that one would brag about. However, Ochoa does not see it that way.

I thought about winning as a team and not as an individual,” said Ochoa.

This way of thinking followed by the listed accomplishments led to Ochoa’s number “10” being retired from the Phoenix Varsity Soccer Team.

“Seeing my number retired for the varsity team means a lot. It feels unrealistic, but this wasn’t all me. Although, I did try my best every game, the whole team poured their hearts out every single game to take the W,” said Ochoa.

During this school year’s pep rally Ochoa was presented with a plaque, and announced that’s his number would be retired.

“I was surprised when they presented the frame! I didn’t know this was going to happen nor did I expect Jair to go up to the microphone and say some words about me. I truly appreciate everything they did for me and will never forget the moment of my team throwing me up in the air. Thank you team for everything, I know you will will succeed in your upcoming seasons,” said Ochoa.