Chess Club Bazinga

Yadira Figueroa

Chess requires  the players to think and act fast and act fast with those pieces because every move counts to win and conquer their opponent.

The Chess Club practices for their competitions Tuesdays and Fridays from 2:30 to 4:30 at Mr. Boehm’s room.

“At practice we usually go over new opening and defenses that we can use in a game. Like the Ruy Lopez or the Sicilian defense or the French defense and there are plenty of more to learn from,” said senior Jorge Castillo.

Playing chess is complex because every move counts just as in any other sport and those who play chess have to learn how to be quick comprehensive thinkers and identify what the best movement will be. It requires a lot of cognitive thinking.

“I feel good about being part of the Chess Club because it’s a really fun hobby to get into. I think it’s important to notice that chess is a game that can be as competitive as any sport. Once we you sit down in front of an opponent we feel like really intense,” said Castillo.

Although there’s always more to learn in chess,one mistake can make them lose.However, they have fun as they learn new moves.

“Of course we can all use some improvement in our gameplay. The way we do that is we play many  games. Sometimes we feel really nervous however we go into with the mindset of having fun and that’s all. With every tournament  that we gone to we have lots of fun. The way we prepared for it we just play games online and try to learn new moves,” said Castillo.