Sisterhood Bond

Manuela Chaidez

Senior Yamel Lopez joined Sisterhood when she was a freshman and continued most of her sophomore year. She came back to the club her senior year because she wanted to create a bond with girls she didn’t know. Sisterhood is always held in Ms. Perez’s room along with Mrs. Fernandez after school on Fridays.

Sisterhood helps develop a bond between the girls and teachers by doing activities such as ice breakers, sharing their highs and lows and giving their opinions on how  they feel about certain things.

“You can talk to them about your feelings, help you with your homework, they are a big support system for you,“ said Lopez.

Although Sisterhood has a lot of benefits, senior Lopez sometimes is not able to make it because of other activities she has to do after school.

“ My best memory would be when we went to Saint Mary’s College because I plan to attend that college,” said Lopez.  

Senior Lopez likes how things are going like the activities sisterhood plans on doing and hopes with time more girls will join sisterhood.

“ I can’t wait for the upcoming events in sisterhood,” said Lopez.