Running Feet

Yadira Figueroa

Cross Country requires the ability of motivation of someone who has a positive mindset and continues to keep going even with all the sweat and hard work they have to put into it their body.

The cross country team had two meets on September 12 and September 29 at Prosser.  These were the first cross country meets of the their season.

“That meet was the best day although I was extremely tired because of the heat I still made it. I won a medal for 15th place. It was my birthday that day. It was amazing. The recent meet wasn’t my best but I will continue to try. I’ll run more days just to get better,” said junior Irene Calderon.

They had been practicing for a while and felt confident and accomplished for what they have done so far.

“We practice twice a week. On Monday and Wednesday. During practice we do some weird stretches, run a mile, and small but long sprints. I feel prepared for each meet I attend because of my coach. He makes sure we have everything.I accomplished to decrease my three mile run by 2 minutes. So my time is 28 if I round it. As a team we have accomplished to get better as one. Each of us have decreased our time in some way,” said Calderon.

Even though they feel accomplished they feel like they might need more time to get better with their timing and it all comes with a positive mindset  that helps them keep going.

“ I feel like we need more practice days because two isn’t enough. In my opinion just keep a good attitude and you’ll be fine,”  said Calderon.